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Specific Carrier Integrations
Understanding prepaid return labels
QR Code Labels
Customs Declaration for International Shipments
Commercial invoice: what information is displayed exactly?
Can I track a shipment from the dashboard?
How can I void a label that a customer did not use?
Can customers pay for their own label?
Can you use automatic prepaid return labels if the return requires approval?
Do we have to use prepaid labels when using Rich Returns?
Can we use Shopify Shipping for return labels?
Can you add multiple shipping accounts/carriers?
Can you add multiple box dimensions?
How is the total weight of a return calculated?
Labels - Weight and Price differences
Miscellaneous - Common Errors
Using manual prepaid return-labels
Set up for Manual Prepaid Return Labels
Can you upload a second document? For example, a commercial invoice
Carrier or Drop-Off location
Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Carriers
Multiple / Multi-Carrier Support
Scan-based return labels
Change the return address on a prepaid label
The information included on Return Label
EasyPost - Common Errors
How to set up automated return labels?
Shippo - Common Errors
Using automatic prepaid return labels (with EasyPost)
Using automatic prepaid return labels (with Shippo)
Using automatic prepaid return labels (with ShipStation)
Supported Platforms & Carriers
Can I use my own carrier contract with pre-negotiated rates?
ShipStation - Common Errors
Do I need my own carrier contract?
Can I add multiple return addresses?
USPS First-Class / Priority-Mail: choose cheapest rate based on weight

How do I remove items from a Return?
How do I link my Returns Policy on my Portal?
Can I change the font on the Returns portal?
How can I resend an email to a customer?
Custom Items - Returns
Incorrectly imported orders
Can I export my data?
Deleted product / Issue processing return
If an order is modified or canceled, is the order eligible for a return in Rich Returns?
Can we connect different stores to one Rich Returns dashboard?
Excluding items from being returned based on product tags
Brand Settings
Can a return be started if an item has been refunded in Shopify?
If the order in Shopify does not have a delivered event, is the return timeframe open indefinitely?
Can returns be sent to multiple locations? Different Vendors scenario.
Can multiple return labels be created for a return? (Dropshipping)
Can we customize the text on page...?
Excluding items based on product tags: I have a tag with two words... how do I write it exactly?
Playbook for "non-matching" product tags
Custom RMA numbers / Edit RMA numbers
Is it possible to operate a marketplace-like solution with Rich Returns?
Can you turn off the refund option? Exchange or store credit only?
Products are being excluded for a return even if I have not added a product tag/product has no tag
Return to Store link not working
Product Bundles / Kit / Kits
Started a return in Shopify but nothing is happening on my Rich Returns dashboard?
Dropshipping - FAQ
Can I allow multiple returns on my orders?
Does it look like an item has been returned twice?
Changes to variant IDs - how does this affect Rich Returns?
Different IDs provided by Shopify
Shopify Online Store 2.0 Compatible / Compatibility
Refunds on Exchange Orders
Can I change the status of a return without notifying my customers?
Returns - when are they added to the Report statistics?
Excluding items based on product tags: I have a tag with two words. How do I write it exactly?