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Onboarding for Owners / CEOs
Onboarding for Owners / CEOs

Onboarding support for Owners/CEOs

Written by Robert Mattax
Updated over a week ago

As part of making sure that our customers feel welcomed and know exactly where to look after onboarding with Rich Returns, we've created the onboarding series. Below are links to different departments commonly found within an eCommerce company.

Feel free to share with your team members to get them set up quickly on Rich Returns.

  • Manager Series - training on the initial account setup and customizing the portal from brand to language, setting up rules and notifications

  • Customer Support Series - workflow and useful materials for the daily customer support side of a company focused on handling returns

  • Product/Project Manager Series - workflow on enabling and utilizing useful features (Photo Add-On, CSV Export) in order to get product-related information (defects, etc)

  • Financial Department Series - information about downloading data, analyzing costs, and handling statistical information

  • Data Analyst Series - insight on where to find all data in Rich Returns as well as info on our API documentation

  • Logistics Partner Series - find out more about the Warehouse Staff series to train team members handling incoming return shipments as well as our API docs and where exactly you can reach our customer support

  • Warehouse Staff Series - how to's on a return search, adding staff notes, and updating a return and its status

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