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USPS First-Class / Priority-Mail: choose cheapest rate based on weight
USPS First-Class / Priority-Mail: choose cheapest rate based on weight
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Are you sending with USPS and want to choose First-Class when appropriate and Priority-Mail otherwise? We got you covered. Follow the steps to set this up.

In your Rich Returns dashboard, navigate to Return-Settings / General / find the section below.

Click on Configure and add all the information regarding platform and API keys. We have walkthroughs for ShipStation and Shippo.

If you are using Shippo: select the rate "First-Class or Priority (based on weight)".

If you are using ShipStation: select Priority-Mail as the rate, and we handle the logic of using the cheaper First-Class rate if available.

In both cases, the result is the same. If the weight limit allows for First-Class (1lb / 15.999 oz), then we choose First-Class; if not we choose Priority-Mail.

How is total weight calculated?

  1. Empty box weight: the weight you set in this very same dialog further down, so double-check the value you have set.

  2. Item weight: the weight you have set for the variant in your Shopify store.

Does changing the weight for a variant in Shopify change the weight on existing orders?

No, orders in Shopify are immutable; therefore, the weight for line items in existing orders is not updated. Changes to the weight of a variant are available to all new orders.

Can I bulk update the weight of products?

Yes, go to the Products page in your Shopify store and use the Bulk-Edit feature to change weights for multiple products at once. Copy & Paste also works in the table-like editor.

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