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EasyPost - Carrier API not available

Here is a list of possible root causes for this error:

  1. the carrier is undergoing maintenance. In this case, try to re-issue the label

  2. the API key you entered might be invalid.

  3. Emojis or invalid characters in customer address

    1. We love using emojis, yes, and so do you. πŸ€©β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    2. However, this can cause issues generating a prepaid return label for USPS. Namely, if a customer has an emoji in their name, this will cause the mentioned error to be brought to light, and a label will not be able to be generated.

    3. In this case, you can manually enter the customer settings and edit the customer details (delete the emoji). Re-issuing the label is now possible! Feel free to include emojis in your support emails; we love them. ⭐

EasyPost - DHL Express (Waybill)

You're seeing a Waybill on the second page of the label. You're wondering: can this be removed? We've investigated this for you.

The answer, in this case, is, unfortunately, no. There is no possibility to remove this currently.

We are keeping ourselves up-to-date, and if there are any changes to this stance, this article will be appropriately updated.

EasyPost - DPD UK Label size (broken or cut-off label?)

Are you ticking the following boxes? If you are, please follow the instructions below so you can have a beautiful, good-looking automatic prepaid label:

βœ”οΈ Using Rich Returns

βœ”οΈ Signed up with DPD UK via EasyPost πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Please reach out to us after you have set up your EasyPost integration with DPD UK so we can go ahead and set a custom label size for your automatic prepaid labels. If you notice that your labels are incomplete, cut-off, or broken, this is a sign that you should contact us.

Feel free to do so! 🀝

EasyPost - DHL Express - Special Services Code PT

If you've ever encountered this error, it's time to shed some light on it.

The "Special Services Code PT" error only shows up for the " ExpressEasy " rate available on DHL Express. To resolve it - change the rate to another one, e.g., "DomesticExpress", or whatever suits you most.

If you want to keep the "ExpressEasy" rate, disable "Create dedicated Return Labels" in the configuration dialog for EasyPost in your Rich Returns dashboard. This rate does not support Return Labels.

EasyPost - USPS (Rates found but specified carrier rate not found for this shipment)

Have you encountered the following error message: Rates found but specified carrier rate (X) not found for this shipment, where X is the carrier rate?

If so, you've come to the right place. The value of the items in the shipment exceeds USPS's limit for the rate you're using. This is why we cannot create a label, and the error message keeps popping up.

In instances like this one, you can revert to the following options:

  • issue a label directly inside your EasyPost account and send it to the customer manually;

  • temporarily use a different rate for these shipments and then revert to the current rate you're using (the one that's giving you the headache!).

This should do the trick. If not, we're always here to assist.

EasyPost - Unable to complete shipment purchase (zipcode format)

Ever come across a similar error to this one: "Unable to complete shipment purchase: zipcode format must be zzzzz[pppp]"? Worry not; there is a solution to everything.

In this case, please make sure to contact support@easypost.com, who will make sure to take care of this in no time.

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