Overview of Advanced Rules

Explore the possibilities of the Advanced Rules.

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What is currently possible with the Advanced Rules builder?

  • Triggers based on order information

    • Order Country (is / is not)

    • Order Tag (is / is not)

    • Days since delivery (less than / more than)

    • Discount Code (is / is not)

    • Discount in Percent of Order Total (less than / more than)

    • Order Total of Original Order (less than / more than)

    • Payment Gateway used (is / is not)

  • Triggers based on customer input during returns process

    • Selected return action (exchange, store credit, refund, etc)

    • Selected return reason

  • Based on these triggers, returns can be...

    • *Allowed / Disallowed

    • *Return options adjusted (exchange / store credit / refund / etc)

    • Return methods adjusted (label / no label / in-store / etc)

    • Manual approval of returns, e.g. for faulty items

    • Auto approval of returns

    • Custom returns address, e.g. for different countries

    • Customer Photo Upload (Add-On) for e.g. faulty items

    • Custom restocking fee (fixed, per item)

    • Custom label fee (fixed)

*Cannot be changed based on input during the return process (e.g. Selected return action or reason).

Important: the available return options for individual line items in a return can currently only be the same options for all items in the return and not different for individual items.

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