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Specific Carrier Integrations

Certain carriers only work through a specific integration. Find more about it here.

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Australia Post

Integration is supported via Shippo.

On ShipStation, you will encounter the following error since they do not support return rates from Australia Post through their API: The product PR is not allowed for a shipment of type 'DESPATCH'.

EasyPost does not support return shipment or return service levels from Australia Post.

Royal Mail

Integration is supported via EasyPost for dedicated return rates like TrackedReturns24 and TrackedReturns48.

The TrackedReturns24 and TrackedReturns48 return services for Royal Mail are contract services, which means they are on an account-by-account basis. Make sure your contract includes these services. Get in touch with EasyPost directly ( if any questions remain.

ShipStation does not support return rates from RoyalMail through their API.

DHL Germany

Out of the label platforms we support, Shippo is the only one with support for DHL Germany at the moment.

Note: Shippo does not support the "DHL Returns" rate, which means the return label is a regular DHL Germany label with the addresses reversed (customer >> warehouse).

If you are having trouble with connecting DHL Germany with your Shippo account, then you just need to follow these few simple steps which should do the trick!

1) Sign up for a Shippo account here

2) Add a credit card to the account here

3) Add your DHL Germany account here >> Click on "Connect Carrier Account" in the top right corner and then search for DHL Germany

4) Here are the credentials you need for the connection and where to find them

5) Generate a live API key here in Shippo and add it to our dashboard under >> Return Settings >> General >> Prepaid labels >> Configure.

Try creating a test return with a label on your own or contact us so we can make sure that the labels are generating successfully.

Canada Post

Canada Post return labels are supported through our EasyPost integration.

Create a free EasyPost account and connect your Canada Post contract.

There are a few simple steps that you can follow:

- Sign up over here:

- Add your Canada Post contract over here: (search box on the right)

- Your API key can be found over here:

EasyPost also provides a Canada Post guide on how to get started:

Feel free to contact our customer support here if you have trouble setting up your account and our team will be more than happy to assist!

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