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How to send an email with Klaviyo?
How to send an email with Klaviyo?
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Klaviyo's here, but, erm, you're still scratching your head? Not sure what can be done and how you can use this powerful tool? Well, the Rich Returns documentation is getting more decadent with a guide on creating your first email template based on a Rich Returns event. Remember: your Rich Returns integration should be live and events created in Klaviyo to be able to create an email template and an email flow based on an event.

  1. Flows -> from our Klaviyo dashboard, enter the Flows section.

2. On the next page, we need to hit the Create Flow button near the top-right corner of our browser.

3. Press the Create from scratch button in the top-right corner again. On the following screen, we need to enter the name of the flow and enter a tag (optional).

4. The following screen will be the Klaviyo editor. Here, we can add a trigger. The trigger can be either:

  • When a return is created, or

  • When a return is updated

For example, I based my flow on the event when a return is created. How did I do this? Here's how:

5. Next stop: adding the email notification and/or SMS, depending on your preference. For this example, I selected a simple template and proceeded with editing:

6. Enter the notification and begin editing. Choose your preferred template, or start from scratch. For example, I used several metrics and inserted them into my template. This will be sent out once a customer of mine submits a return. All of the instructions are laid down below:

Once we've got the metric we need, insert it into our email body:

The final product ended up looking like this, and it was pretty cool, in my opinion:

All that was left was to save my content. Heading over to the Preview section, I could see the final result:

This beautiful thing above informed the customer of their RMA number, their return status, submission date, resolution, and reason. And we could still add more information. Pretty neat, huh?

This powerful integration can create beautiful and practical art in the form of an email and SMS.

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