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Adding a Return link to your Shopify order-confirmation email
Adding a Return link to your Shopify order-confirmation email
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We've tested it, and it worked. It's up to you to include this in your order confirmation email; however, it does ease the pain of searching for the return link.

No more time-wasting - let's begin with the setup and instructions, step by step:

  1. Our first step is heading over to the Settings part of your Shopify store.

2. Next; we're looking to edit our Email templates, so the Notifications section is the way to go. Once there, we should choose the Order Confirmation template, or the one we'd like to edit.

3. We've arrived, passengers. The magic piece of code? Here it is:

<a class="btn btn--secondary btn--small" href="{{ | url_param_escape }}&orderEmail={{ | url_param_escape }}">
Start a return

Please make sure that you insert it into the body of the email template, such as the example below:

That's it. We've got our link inserted into our email template. When your customers receive the order confirmation email, they'll be having the convenience of a one-click return.

How easy was that?

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