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How can I customize my email notifications?
How can I customize my email notifications?

Learn how to enable the feature and start creating beautiful email notifications.

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You're just a step away from enabling the brand new email customization - and unlock beautiful notifications that align with the exemplary colors of your brand.

How? Follow me. πŸ‘£

Easy as ABC, 1, 2, 3?

Step 1. Visit your Return Settings -> General. Search for the Enable HTML Email Template section. πŸ‘€

Image 1.

Not to bore you with anything but this is needed to ensure all your email content gets migrated and translated in new columns thus ensuring a smooth transition. Once you migrate the content, which takes 1-2 seconds, you'll still hold the power to turn the option OFF if you want to (not sure why you'd want that, honestly).

Just make sure to enable or check the checkbox to witness the beauty unveiling in Step 2 ‡.

Image 2.

Step 2. Email settings -> Customers is where we party starts πŸŽ‰

You'll notice a breathe of fresh air - or rather, a sight to behold. The UI here has been revamped to host the new feature and here are some notable changes:

Upload your logo that'll get sent with each notification.

Image 3.

New E-Mail content box where the magical transformation happens:

Image 4.

Test your email before it goes live to ensure that it looks and feels right!

Image 5.

The moment of truth:

Image 6.

Image 7.

Your customers will love it.

Share your thoughts and feedback with us and our support team, and let us know if you need assistance setting this up. Lots of love. 🩷

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