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Invalid SOAP message due to XML Schema validation failure

There was an error creating a label, and you're seeing this message pop up? We've been through this before and worked hard to get to the bottom of it.

The scenario here is the following: the root cause of this issue lies within the customer address that likely contains invalid characters. E.g., "Ste. Justine de Newton," instead of "Ste. Justine de Newton".

Whenever you stumble upon an issue like this, try updating the address and recreating a label. It should be working perfectly now.

You're welcome! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Error undefined

When copying and pasting the API key, additional whitespace or something similar gets added to the API key.

This contributes to receiving the "Error undefined" message. If this happens, make sure to check your API key or contact us through support so we can check it out.

Invalid Customer Reference 1

There is an error with ShipStation, which sometimes appears as "Invalid Customer Reference 1".

In this case, this issue means that the weight limit for the carrier rate you have set has been exceeded for the shipment in question. Authentication failed Error?

Please take a look at this article if you're having this error when generating labels via ShipStation. The solutions are down below:

1. Your stamps password was changed and needs to be updated in ShipStation

You will need to update your password in ShipStation. You will go to Settings>Shipping> Carriers & Fulfillment> Stamps account> settings, click reauthorize, enter your new password in both fields, and hit save.

2. Billing information has been changed with

In this scenario, you will follow the same steps as scenario 1 but with one difference. Once you click reauthorize, if you did not change your password, you will enter your current password in both fields.

Please check both; you should be able to generate a label successfully once applied.

I see the label in Rich Returns but not in the ShipStation dashboard

ShipStation does not display labels being created for all carriers.

In some cases, they might forward the request for a label to your carrier account and present us with the label. This is purely a choice from the SS side and nothing we can influence.

Think of the ShipStation API from our point of view as simple as: "Hey ShipStation, please create a label for us with these specifications (weight, dimensions) and our user's (You) carrier contract (Your Carrier) and rate (Your Rate)". We then receive the label from ShipStation; everything else is handled on the ShipStation side in cooperation with your carrier contract.

If ShipStation displays labels for the specific carrier in the ShipStation dashboard (e.g., for the USPS account), they usually appear as "apiLabel".

The UserId is currently locked out; please try again in 30 minutes

No worries, we dug a bit and found a solution to this one! πŸ•΅πŸ»

This appears to be a common issue for ShipStation, so worry not because you are not alone in this. The solution? You should contact the ShipStation support from your account. They will go ahead and reset your account internally, and the account should be working fine after this procedure is undergone.

We've got your back again. ❀️

No label is created (ShipStation)

First: if you have created return labels with Rich Returns successfully before and it suddenly stopped working, then the chances are that the error is inside the ShipStation account or associated carrier accounts rather than with Rich Returns, based on what we have observed from merchants in the past.

  • Please ensure you have added your API keys from your ShipStation account to our dashboard.

    • In our dashboard

      • Return Settings >> General >> Return Methods >> Configure

      • Enter the API keys >> click "refresh carrier list."

      • Then select your default carrier and rate

      • Click save again

  • Make sure that the API keys that you have added to our dashboard are valid and have not been disabled or changed in your ShipStation account ("Unauthorized")

  • If you use a prepaid rate on your ShipStation account (where you pay for the label before it has been used, e.g., the account), make sure that your account has a remaining balance ("No balance available")

  • Make sure that your ShipStation plan covers the number of labels that are created through your account ("Plan limit reached.")

  • If you use a account, make sure that the account is available in your ShipStation account ("Service not available")

  • If you use a account, make sure that the error is not related to

ShipStation error: please accept the updated Terms and Conditions

You may or may not have received this message for a specific return.

When you do, fret not, we are here to explain it in more detail. This message appears because the carrier you are using has updated its terms and conditions. Seeing as ShipStation is not able to accept those terms on your behalf, this is something that can only be done on your end.

To solve this error, log in to ShipStation with your credentials, and a pop-up should appear. When the Terms and Conditions are accepted, the error will be eliminated.

Who would've guessed T&C would be causing such a headache, right?

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This is likely caused by not having a Manual-Store set up on your ShipStation account.

How to resolve this:

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