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Onboarding for Finance Department
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Where can I download data from all returns in Rich Returns?

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Data can be downloaded from the Analytics section, Export data. Selecting a start and end date will leave you with multiple choices depending on the type of data you want to download.

Pressing the button will leave you with the desired CSV file and the perfect sample to analyze.

Where do I find the cost of shipping labels?

The cost of the shipping labels can be found within the CSV file you have downloaded (previously mentioned and explained in the previous point).

Unfortunately, this is not available for ShipStation since ShipStation does not transmit this data. We will modify this article when and if this changes.

Adjust for order date in the Analytics Dashboard. What does that mean?

This just means that the statistics would include returns only for orders with an order date within the specified timeframe. Otherwise, all returns placed in the specified timeframe will be included.

Can this information be downloaded through an API?

Yes, that is correct. All of this information and more can be downloaded through our API.

Our API documentation can be found here:

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