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Supported Platforms & Carriers
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We currently support carriers and their associated rates that are available through the EasyPost, Shippo and ShipStation platforms.

Do you need your own carrier-contract? See Do I need my own carrier contract?

Can you use your own carrier-contract? See Can I use my own carrier contract with pre-negotiated rates?

If you want to get started quickly we recommend setting up a free Shippo account. It is dead simple to use, pay as you go and has some commercial rates (e.g. USPS and others) already baked in. EasyPost is simple to use as well, currently comes with 50k free shipments per year but has only a USPS rate built in.

We build new carrier integrations on request as custom-projects for Shopify Plus merchants. If this is an option for you and you have a budget to accomodate development cost, reach out to us.

If your carrier is not supported

You still have the option to manually upload labels for each return in our dashboard. See also Using manual prepaid return-labels.

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