The way Shopify has built their subscription billing for apps is different than a regular credit card subscription works.

Shopify's subscriptions have a limit on their usage charges which means that after the limit is reached the account cannot be charged for additional usage. There is also no option to upgrade a plan automatically once a certain limit has been reached for a smoother process.

That's why we - permanently - display messages at 3 different stages in the dashboard:

  • 80% of monthly included volume

    • first warning - permanently displayed

  • 100% of monthly included volume

    • second warning - permanently displayed

  • more than 100% / Usage charges

    • the exact number of remaining returns is permanently displayed based on the remaining usage charge amount

    • e.g. "Your customers can start 498 additional returns. After that customers will not be able to start a return until the end of the current billing period due to Shopify's usage-charge limit on your account. Upgrade your plan now"

This warning gives accounts usually at least 2 weeks or more of runway to have a user with billing privileges upgrade their plan. As mentioned the exact number of remaining returns is displayed right in the dashboard.


  • Choose a plan that easily accomodates your monthly returns volume for a smooth process on your customer's side

  • In times of increased return volumes (e.g. Christmas, BFCM) upgrade your plan temporarily to a higher tier. You can downgrade at any point later

  • Set up a process with your Customer-Support staff to inform a store-admin at one of the described 3 stages about a plan upgrade

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