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Use the power of our Stripe integration to charge your customers for exchanges and label costs.

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You can use our powerful Stripe integration to:

  • charge your customers immediately whenever they choose to do a higher-priced exchanges.

  • charge your customers for the label costs - in specific cases and scenarios.

How can I set this up?

Video tutorial:


  1. We can find our new integration in the Return Settings -> Payment section. Once we're there, we need to Enable the integration, as displayed on the image. Hold on tight! We've got a few pieces of information to fill in before we're there.

  2. Follow the link that will take you to both your Publishable and Secret Key in your Stripe dashboard. You'll land directly in your API Keys section in your Stripe dashboard.

  3. Now, those handy tokens above need to go in our Rich Returns dashboard. Let's get back to it and fill them in.

  4. That looks better! Last stop - let's create the Stripe Webhook Signature. To start, let's copy the Webhook URL from your Rich Returns dashboard.

  5. Once we have it, let's use it to create an event in your Stripe dashboard:

    Press the '+' sign to add an endpoint.

    Add the Webhook URL you have copied in the designated spot above. Also, select an event to listen to. In my case, I selected the checkout.completed session.

    If you have added the event successfully, it will show up as displayed in the image above.

    Once you've added your Endpoint, let's visit the Webhooks section to grab the Webhook signature and we'll be on our way.

    Reveal the signing secret so we can copy it and paste it into our Rich Returns dashboard. Here's where that will end up:

  6. That's it! Let's see if this works. Let's go ahead, create a test order, and see if charging for a higher-priced item is active and leads us to the Stripe modal where we're prompted to pay with our designated payment method.

How can I test?

Video tutorial:


Let's head over for an exchange with a different product, priced higher than the one I currently have.

Once your customer chooses the return method, they will be prompted with a modal that will inform them of their pending dues regarding the exchange. In my case, I owe $100.00, since the product I had was $200.00 and the one I am looking to exchange for is priced higher at $300.00:

Once the customer chooses to pay the remaining amount, they will be redirected to the Stripe payment page where they will finalize the payment:

A successful submission will end with a summary of the customer's return along with a new return created inside your dashboard:

You require assistance? We're here to help. Feel free to get in touch with our support team and we'll help you set up the integration.

*We have an additional option, as described above - our Stripe integration can be used to charge for label costs. You can activate it on the same Payment page:

As the option states, this will be applied to all returns and only if you have enabled a prepaid return fee and if you're automatically approving all returns.

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