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Using automatic prepaid return labels (with EasyPost)
Using automatic prepaid return labels (with EasyPost)
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A few simple steps that will help you set up your EasyPost integration with Rich Returns:

  1. Head over to the EasyPost where you can sign up:

  2. Add your carrier account or select one of EasyPost's existing carrier accounts once you have signed up:

  3. You can find your EasyPost API Key here; look for the 'Production API key':

  4. Once you have your API Key, head to your Rich Returns Dashboard. Next stop: Return Settings -> General -> Return Methods -> Pre-Paid Return Label (automatic) -> Configure.

5. Select EasyPost as your Shipping Platform and place your API Key under the API Key field. Please note that EasyPost requires the 'Production API Key' you can find here in your EasyPost account. The 'Test API Key' will not work. Please make sure to adjust your settings accordingly, such as the rate you will use or simply clicking 'Choose cheapest rate.'

Voila! Easy as 1,2,3...4.

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