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Enhancing Shipping Accuracy: Introducing Address Validator's Email Notifications

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Address Validator diligently identifies discrepancies in shipping addresses, safeguarding against potential delivery mishaps. However, in the fast-paced nature of online transactions, customers may inadvertently overlook these prompts, leading to orders with unverifiable addresses. Recognizing this challenge, our Email Notifications feature steps in to bridge this gap.

With our Email Notifications feature, users can automate alerts to be dispatched to either the store or the customer when an unverifiable address prompt is bypassed.

To enable our email notification feature, head over to our App Dashboard > Email Notifications > Who gets these emails?

1. Enabling Email Notifications:

  • Navigate to the App Dashboard.

  • Select "Email Notifications."

  • Choose who receives these alerts.

2. Customization for Brand Consistency:

  • Our Email Notifications are fully customizable to match your store's branding seamlessly.

  • Maintain brand consistency for a professional look.


3. Preventing Shipping Complications:

  • Emails promptly alert either the customer or the store owner of orders with invalid addresses.

  • Prevent potential delivery mishaps by staying informed.

4. Easy Address Updates:

  • Customers can rectify shipping details from the email itself.

  • Simply click "Update or confirm address" to access the update form and make changes.

5. Optional Features: Email Domain & Customization:

  • For enhanced customization and domain authentication, opt for the "Email Domain & Customization" feature.

  • Emails can be sent from your store domain, boosting credibility and trust.

  • Available for an additional $14.99 per month, providing invaluable benefits for your store's image and customer confidence.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us by simply opening a chat box in the bottom right corner or schedule some time with us!

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