1/ Head to your theme and select "Edit code"

2/ Search for the featured-product.liquid file, in most themes that component holds the product form on the home page.

- Please note If your theme doesn't have this file included please reach to your theme developer and ask which component renders the product form on the homepage.

3/ In the featured-product.liquid file search for the form html element

4/ Append the "cb-preorder-featured-product" class name marker to let the app know about this product form. Make sure to keep existing class names if there are any.

5/ In case the form is a liquid element(will have a % sign in the same line as in the screenshot) the class name marker should be added in the same manner as above. If your theme has a plain html form element (of type <form>) add the class name as an html attribute: class="cb-preorder-featured-product"

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