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Email template variables
Email template variables

Explains how to include shop, product, or variant information into your custom email.

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The Back in Stock app allows you to design your own custom email template using HTML and CSS if you are on Premium or higher plans. For that:

1. From the Back in Stock - Restock Alerts.

2. Go to Customize-> Email template->Edit Email

Once there you can do your magic to get the template built.

Just like Shopify themes, email notifications support Liquid code. So, we use Shopify Liquid filters to populate dynamic content in the email template. You can learn more about Shopify Liquid here.

Please note that not all Liquid tags will work when building the email template. So, here we share a list of variables/placeholders that are supported and will help you render the email with the dynamic product and variant information such product, variant, and shop details:

Shop details

Shop name {{ }}
Shop email {{ }}
Shop domain {{ shop.domain }}
Shop owner {{ shop.shop_owner }}
Shop street address {{ shop.address1 }}
Shop street address line 2 {{ shop.address2 }}
Shop city {{ }}
Shop province {{ shop.province }}
Shop province code {{ shop.province_code }}
Shop postal code/ZIP code {{ }}
Shop country name {{ }}
Shop country code {{ shop.country_code }}
Shop phone number {{ }}

Product details

Title {{ product.title }}
Handle {{ product.handle }}
Id {{ }}
Vendor {{ product.vendor }}

Variant details

Title {{ variant.title_unless_default }}
Price {{ variant.price}}
SKU {{ variant.sku }}
Image {{ variant.image }}

<img src="{{variant.image}}">
URL {{ variant.url }} 

<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=
"{{variant.url}}">Buy Now</a>


Unsubscribe URL {{ customer.unsubscribe_url }} 

Usage: <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank"
>Unsubscribe from notifications</a>

NOTE: If you are using third integrations like
Klaviyo, you can use Klaviyo specific
unsubscribe url placeholder instead.

We have also included a built-in option called “Send Test Email” that you can use once you are ready to test your email template. It’s great for you to ensure that the layout and design remain as consistent and error-free as possible.

Having trouble with your email template? Reach out to us at any time!

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