How to connect Nextsale with Klaviyo?
Learn how to sync your subscriber list with Klaviyo
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Klaviyo is an e-mail marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring powerful e-mail and SMS marketing automation. Klaviyo is a powerful eCommerce e-mail and SMS marketing platform that gathers all of the information about your customers and subscribers with a single view. You can collect, store, and analyze customer data, get A/B testing, segmentation, and responsive drag and drop e-mail creator with Klaviyo’s all-in-one tool.

Nextsale integration makes it easy to sync your subscriber list with the Klaviyo account and send automated e-mails and SMS to your list. Connecting Klaviyo account with Nextsale is easy and does not require any coding experience.

To sync your subscriber list with Klaviyo account, follow the steps below:

1. Sing-up/log-in to your Nextsale account, and visit the Integrations tab from the left bar in the dashboard. Search for Klaviyo and select it.

2. Input your Private API Key, and click on the "Connect Klaviyo Email Marketing" button.

You can find your Private API Keys inside the Klaviyo account > Settings > API Keys

If you didn't create any Private Keys then click on the button "Create Private API Key".

3. After connecting you should see the success message alert. Make sure the integration is enabled. From the dropdown menu select an audience/list where you want your subscriber's data sync, then click on the "Save changes" button.

Check the Klaviyo lists to see the data we imported.


  • Integration is available and working in Free Trial and Paid versions of Klaviyo.

  • As soon as you integrate Klaviyo with Nextsale, we'll sync all subscribers.

  • You can not collect and sync only SMS numbers as in order to create a contact in the Klaviyo account you have to have a primary field - email address. In order to collect and sync SMS numbers with your Klaviyo account, you should have to enable the email input field too in the Nextsale widgets.

  • It might take a few seconds to sync all your list data to capture on the Klaviyo Lists & Segments page.

  • We sync to fetch new subscribers within a few seconds.

  • If you don't see any subscribers on your Klaviyo lists, check your Private API Credentials for any typo (refer to step #2).

Congratulations! Now, Nextsale connected with Klaviyo.

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