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How do conditions work?
How do conditions work?
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Conditions allow you to create a focused bump based on criteria that your customers’ orders must meet. Conditions can be set based on the following values:

Product Title:

Product Type:

Product Vendor:

Product Tag:

Product Price:

Variant Title:

Variant SKU:

and the following operators:

- is equal to:

- contains:

- is greater than:

- is less than:

To finalize a condition, you would then input the appropriate text or value you want to target. So an example condition might look like:

Product Price is greater than $50

This means that your bump will be triggered if the customer has at least one product in his or her cart that’s greater than $50.

Each bump can have multiple conditions linked together by the and operator, which means that every condition set for that specific bump must be met in order for that promotional product to be displayed.

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