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DEBUT > Products gallery shows a broken pricing format
DEBUT > Products gallery shows a broken pricing format
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In some cases merchants with the 'Debut' theme will view a broken price formatting in their products gallery after enabling the app.

It might look similar to this: 'from <span class="money">$22.99</span>'

Want to revert back to your old state and remove the app?

Want to keep the app and fix this issue?

Or use this text guide:

1. Open your theme code editor:

2. Open theme.liquid file and look for "from_lowest_price"

3. Add an '_html' suffix to the end of "from_lowest_price" and click save:

4. Open your 'Locales' folder, then open the first file and look for a line that includes "from_lowest_price"

5. Add a suffix of "_html" and click save so it will show like this:

6. Repeat the last procedure for all files that appear in your locales folder so all locales will be covered.

7. Open the 'product-price-listing.liquid' file and look for lines that mention 'from_lowest_price'. Same as before, edit them so they'll have '_html' at their suffix:

Click save.

Now, view your product gallery.

The issue should be resolved.

Quick note:

In most cases this issue can be resolved by updating Debut to the latest version. Follow the instructions in this article to update your theme.

Important Note: when updating your theme it would remove any code that is not theme related (apps, custom code, etc)

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