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How to add the cart notice manually to your theme
How to add the cart notice manually to your theme
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(!) Important Notes:

* Make sure to use a different currency from your store different currency before you follow this guide. For example: if your store currency is USD, convert to EUR and only then follow these steps.

* Ajax carts could create unexpected results - make sure to test your placement after you completed the steps.

Let's start!

Follow this Step by Step video or follow these steps:

1. Open the app.

*** Important: uncheck the automated placement box and save:


2. Scroll down to "Custom Placement" settings.

3. Click "copy".

4. Open your template files by clicking "template file" link.


5. Search for "cart" in the "Search files" box

6. Click the "cart-template.liquid" file (if you use a drawer - look for cart-drawer.liquid file).

7. Find the location you want to show the app in (usually under </form>) and paste the code:

<div class="ultimate-currency-cart-notice"></div>

8. Click "Save"


1. Look for the cart-drawer.file and place the code snippet there.

2. If the app is not displayed properly (in case you have animations inside your cart drawer) try and place the code inside your ajax-cart.liquid file instead. Right above the cart notes.

Follow the same flow for any other theme location.

Didn't work?

Use static text instead of a dynamic code.

Copy + paste the following text inside the cart page / drawer / pop up (cart-drawer.liquid / ajax-cart.liquid / cart-tempate.liquid):

<b>Please note: while your cart is currently displayed in your local currency you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate.</b><br/>

Here's a quick guide you can use:

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