1. Make sure your "Automated placement" checkbox is OFF.

2. Copy the tag (<div class="cb-bundles"></div>).

* If you are using Themes 2.0 - open your Themes tab > customize theme > click on the bottom Themes settings > enable Bundle Bear and save.

3. Open your GemPages app (or any other page building app, like PageFly / LayoutHub / etc...)

4. Open your product page.

5. Add an HTML element.

6. Paste the code:

<div class="cb-bundles"></div>

and save.

7. Publish your changes.

8. Go to your store and test the app.

Not working?

That means our app did not recognize your product form.


<div class="cb-bundles"></div>



window.customBundleBearProductId = XXXXXXXXXX;


<div class="cb-bundles"></div>

Where XXXXXXXXXX is your product ID, taken from the URL in your products backoffice:

For example, here's the expected result:


window.customBundleBearProductId = 4606799806523;


<div class="cb-bundles"></div>

Then - save and publish your changes.

Test again.

That's it!

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