Using a page builder like PageFly / GemPages / LayoutHub?

Follow this guide instead.

Using Themes 1.0?

Follow this guide instead.

If you're using a theme that supports Themes 2.0 - follow this setup guide:

Part 1 - Activating the app

(1) Go to Online Store > Themes > Customize

(2) Click "theme settings" (in the bottom left):

(3) Click app embeds and toggle ON Bundle Bear:

Part 2 - Adding the bundle widget

(1) Go to Online Store > Themes > Customize

(2) Head over to the product page > default product preview:

(3) Inside the Products information section - Click on Add block:

Scroll down to see Bundle Bear Offer - and click it:

(4) Position the widget as needed inside the page:

(5) Save your changes.

Now - head back to the app and create your bundle offers!

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